Artists Wanted


Artists Wanted

Hello There!

I’m Vagabond, one of two members of Corporate Legion’s web team, the other being Lonboder, who does all of our hosting (for free I might add, if you see him say thanks).

I am in need of people to help me create new a new logo(s) for COLG and its various ventures. While I may be an artist myself I’m not very good at making digital art just yet so I would like to have people from our community contribute. It would be nice if there was more than one person doing this for me as well so we have some style variety and so everyone that wants to has a chance to make a logo (or something else if you have a suggestion or we have a need).

In addition to this I would like EVERYONE to start taking screenshots of the games they are playing. We have this new fancy WordPress theme as you can see around the webpage and it likes photos (and videos).  Nearly anything will work (NEARLY), we need both pretty things and game play (by pretty I usually mean with the HUD turned off or at least not visible). I will accept videos as well, however I reserve the right to edit and re-encode them. Once you have something put your name in the file name and send them to me (if there are multiple files put them in a .zip) by uploading them to TS, Dropbox, MEGA, Mediafire, anything really. I would not upload individual photos or videos to something like imgur because quality may be lost in the process.

I hope to make this process easier in the future by letting you guys post them directly to the website (the WordPress part), but at time of writing I do not know how to do it

Please post in the “Website and Technical” forum or come talk to me in TS3 if you are interested in the artist job, if you have photos for me come see me in TS3 or send me a PM on the forums.

– Vagabond

PS. I apologize if the link doesn’t work, we are transferring to vB4 shortly and it will certainly break it.

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