Author: Vagabond


We got social, finally

Ever since the beginning of COLG we have wanted to have as many ways as possible to keep our members updated with what was going on with the outfit. If you know us as a group you may know why […]


Sign up on the forums!

The new forums are now online! Please click on the ‘Forums’ button in the above and complete the sign up process. We really need you to do both this and connect to our calender so you can be properly informed […]


Connecting to the calender

Hello once again all, We relatively recently got a very nice calender added to our website, and this is a tutorial of how to connect to the calender, once you have done this you never even have to look at […]


Artists Wanted

Hello There! I’m Vagabond, one of two members of Corporate Legion’s web team, the other being Lonboder, who does all of our hosting (for free I might add, if you see him say thanks). I am in need of people […]