Games we Play!

There's a lot.

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We play a lot of games, more than we list here. If you have a game you play ask around and see if there is anyone else that plays it, chances are someone does. Browse the selection below and pick one that looks interesting. The page linked in each tab will have more detailed info on it, as well as videos and descriptions, some of which were made by our members. See you out there!

A hardcore military sim based around as much realisim as you can get out of a video game. Most recent in the series is ARMA III, but ARMA II spawned the mod called DayZ (and its various versions) which has grown into its own game. Though there are more mods for ARMA than that out there, and many of them are very good. Link to page.

A turn and tile based strategy game with a lot of available play-styles. Very replayable with tons of nations to choose from and a great map generator, there is also an alright modding community. Link to page.

The popular MOBA mod is now its own game, even better its free to play! Link to page.

Fast paced mech battles requiring tight control and quick reactions. Has a easy to understand upgrade system, a variety of maps and game types, and best of all its free. Link to page.

A vastly more complex game than Hawken, though still in mechs. You WILL feel like you are driving 100 tons of metal, weapons, and ammo around. Systems are online, go get 'em. Link to page.

The ever popular sandbox adventure game in a land made of blocks and 16bit textures. Build a castle, build a bridge in the underworld, flatten mountains, slay a dragon, whatever you want to do. Has a spectacular modding community so the already huge cope of what you can do is multiplied by a thousand-fold. Grab a pick and start digging. Link to page.

A MMOFPS (yes those exist) with thousands of players and endless hours of gameplay. Three factions with their own infantry, tanks, and air, all on one persistent world waging endless war. There is literally no other game on its scale right now. Link to page.

A slightly different twist on the RTS genera, with the battle grounds split between planets timing, organization and tactics are much more important than usual. Capture planets by influencing them or simply kill them all, run a massive economy and befriend everyone or use the same economy to field a huge fleet. There is a lot of detail in the game and is definitely worth trying. Link to page.

At its most basic level it is a 2-D version of Minecraft, however Terraria possess far more than minecraft does in many respects. Huge variations in enemies, more than 5 different bosses, a huge crafting system, tons of weapons, armor and items. It even has multiplayer (LAN or a server). Massive amounts of replayable fun. Link to page.

A free to play WWII combined arms simulator. Currently only the air portion of combined arms fully free to play but there is paid access to the tank beta and the navel portion is far in the future. Tons of planes to choose from and all the major players in WWII are present. Hope to see you up there. Link to page.

Space ninjas, need we say anything else? Warframe is a free to play multiplayer third person shooter with more than 140 weapons, tons of missions, events and many more things. Co-op play is used extensively with up to 4 playing characters per match and there are even player made conflicts. Become one with the Tenno. Link to page.

World of Tanks is a free to play WWII tank simulator. Can be hard at first but nothing beats the feel of 60 kph in 40 tons running through buildings shooting 105 mm cannons. 4 tiers of varying amounts of stupid, 6 tiers of varying amounts of kick-ass. Link to page.