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05-16-2015, 06:21 AM
Back in the olden days, we had ranks that reflected how we were a "legion." We used terminology from the Roman Empire and I think it was unique and brought a certain atmosphere that I would love to see again. I have taken some 6 years of latin so I plan on throwing up rank name possibilities and their latin translations on this thread whenever I have time.
Overarching ranks:
Augustus: The highest of roman ranks. Used during the Tetrarchy, it denoted the greater rulers of the western and eastern halves of the late Eoman Empire.
Caesar (Kaesar): The name sake of the first family of Roman Emperors and one of the highest ranks. It denoted the second in commands, the right hand mans of the Augusti.
Princeps/Consul: Senate related figures. They both were, at a time, the highest rank in Rome.
Praetor: High ranking member of the military.
Legate: High ranking member of the military under Praetor. Sometimes denotes a messenger.
Magister: A teacher.
Aedilis/e: Essential a Roman contractor; one who oversees the construction of public buildings.
Legionnaire: Your good old infantryman.
Conscript: Your bottom of the food chain man at arms.
Caligo: Noun for "Darkness, mental blindnes, fog." Could be used to describe STU members that specialize in stealth.