I'm Archemyde, I'm 20 years of age and i hail from the southernmost province of california. I stand at 5'10"
I'm new to planetside as well as CoLg, but i have a long history with PC gaming.

Back in the day (2 years ago and farther) i used to run a gaming community of my own by the name of Riot Servers.
The community was mainly focused on Garry's Mod, i had 6 servers running at a time, full to the brim constantly. I was a well-known lua coder.
I suddenly felt alienated and nasty hosting servers for Gmod, The members i had were immature and drama was constant. It wasn't worth it.
So, i shut it all down and left. I'm still unsure if i'll ever return to it, but i do have 3.7k hours to remind me of my time on it. Maybe one day i'll give it another go.

In reality i'm starting up in Community College and i'm technically jobless. My "Job" is buying broken laptops from people and refurbishing them or parting them out.
Asides from ebay and Gmod, i can't tell you everything. That would ruin the fun!