Well Hello There!

We've been waiting...

Welcome to (or back to in some cases) Corporate Legion!

We are a medium sized gaming group focused on having fun with friends and kicking some ass in video games. We were originally forged in the fires of Planetside 2's early days but have now grown to expand to an ever increasing bunch of games, from Warframe to Cards Against Humanity and we are always open to new games.

At the moment the Wordpress front page is broken, and has been for a while, though we are still looking into why, if you have any ideas let us know.

You will have to create an account on our forums to see anything in there, this is to protect both any strategies that may be posted there and to protect against spammers, which we have had issues with in the past. If you wish to get a feel for us and our members before you decide if you want to join please take a look at the top bar on the home page and look at our TS3 info and come hang out with us there.

Hope to see you out there!